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Joost van Mameren


Welcome to Joost van Mameren's website. I am working as an application scientist at JPK Instruments AG in Berlin.
Below you can find some links related to my PhD research at the VU University, Amsterdam, and to my friends and family.

   about me
curriculum vitae

scientific papers
PhD thesis
Chapter 8 of PhD thesis in Nature
Chapter 9 of PhD thesis in PNAS
MSc thesis

PhD advisors
Erwin Peterman
Gijs Wuite
   optical tweezers links
knitting with DNA
tetris under a microscope
pong under a microscope
Physics of Complex Systems group
JPK Instruments – NanoTracker™

other science links
my public LabVIEW™ contributions
DNA-protein bending analysis
  (program written by me)

website daycare 'Spelenderwijs'
  (maintained by me)

older links
Complex Systems symposium
student's association Aik